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Shannon Zeeman, Host of The Most Important 15 Minutes of Your Day Guest today is Troy Zeeman, Traffic Detective; Co-Founder and Director of Training at Active Shooter Prep In today’s world, we are all attached to our phones. Everyone knows about distractive drive and the dangers of driving while using your phone. Today Detective Troy Zeeman, who has been in Law Enforcement for over 25 years and is currently a Traffic Investigator, joins us to […]

  Audrey O’Neal Host of Creative Psychotherapy will be discussing the Integration of Spirituality into the Practice of Psychotherapy. She will explore the integration of spirituality into the practice of psychotherapy. She will focus on how the use of spirituality can be beneficial in expanding the therapist’s understanding of the client’s belief systems and worldviews as well as helping identify strengths and protective factors. In addition, she will examine how undertaking a deeper and meaningful […]

  On this episode of the Energy Stoners™ cafe podcast host, Toni Quest sits down with artist Karen Allen to discuss her current exhibit ‘Totems’  and her career as a graphic designer, educator, and fine artist during a live In-person taping of her video show ‘Talk with TQ’ To listen to this interesting interview with Toni Quest and Karen Allen: Click here to listen… To contact Host: [email protected] To contact Karen Allen via email: [email protected] […]

Today’s interview is with Kevin Collins, CEO, and President of Easter Seals of Ontario,  Canada. “Easter Seals Ontario, now in its 99th year of operation, kicks off its annual campaign, March is Easter Seals Month, with a goal of bringing heightened awareness of the increased challenges faced by children and youth with physical disabilities and their families, particularly during the pandemic.” Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy discussing with  Kevin Collins the challenges and impact that the pandemic has on children […]

  Bernie Mac’s Mr 3000 told the story of a fictional first baseman with a Texas-sized ego and talent to match who returns to baseball ten years after retiring to get his 3000th hit. It might as well have been a commentary on the selfish, egotistical society it was filmed in. We’ve all run into people who treat others like crap or think too highly of themselves. They wind up leaving people wondering what they […]

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