Betsy Wurzel and some Issues with her husband Matt

Written by on July 12, 2019

Betsy Wurzel, Wife, Mother and Advocate

Betsy Wurzel is a returning Guest Speaker on my Internet Radio Show.  Betsy always has something that she is sharing on what or how she handled something in her Caregiver Journey.  Do all these tips or suggestions apply to everyone “NO” If the tips or suggestions can help you that is what we are striving to help with.  If the tips or suggestions may not apply to your caregiving needs BUT you may know a caregiver that it could help other caregivers, please share.  Also, you may see the same tips or suggestions at numerous times and you are wondering why for heaven’s sakes are they saying the same thing again?  There are many reasons such as there are new caregivers every day starting their journey. Seasoned Caregivers may already know this information, and should show some patience to all the new caregivers that hearing this information for the first time.  Betsy and I also talked about how some caregivers show very little compassion on some of the Group Facebook pages.  You will hear what Betsy and I speak on this subject of unbelievable bullying.   We are all in this journey together and need to have a little more compassion for our fellow caregivers.  This road as a caregiver is very demanding and hope we are helping in some small way.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments to this discussion.

To listen to Besty on the How serious the heat can be for your loved one, what is happing with the caring of Matt and much more   Click here to listen…

To contact Betsy Wurzel on Facebook with questions or comments you have:  Please Click Here

To contact Joshua Sloan on Facebook with any questions or comments:  Please Click Here

Matt and Son Joshua

Matt and Son Joshua

Betsy Wurzel also has another page on Facebook click to see   To learn more about this movement click on     #KickAlzheimersAssMovement   

The Kick Alzheimer’s Ass Movement also has a Store to purchase T-shirts and much more.  Check out the many items available: Kick Alzheimer’s Ass Movement Store 

Betsy has a group on Facebook called #Kick Alzheimer’s Ass Movement.  Join Betsy to make a difference for all caregivers. Nothing happens if you don’t get involved in making a difference.  Get involved!

I would appreciate it if you could please share this Post. There are many new caregivers and the information provided by Betsy Wurzel may help. You really just never know who you will be helping until you share.

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