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  This commentary is by Dan Riley,  I never thought I’d say this: I can’t watch the ESPN family of networks. They’re closer than ever to irrelevance thanks to more sports stations than ever, and streaming apps where you can get information from leagues themselves. Making things worse are the terribly forced studio shows trying to be “cool”, throwing in politics when we’re all sick of it, regardless of who we are, and then expecting […]

This week’s guest on the Energy Stoners™ Cafe podcast is Wilfredo Morel. Wilfredo is the founder of  Arts10566, Director of Hispanic Health for Sun River Health, and an artist, specializing in metal sculpture.  Wilfredo Morel discusses with host Toni Quest the origin and goals of Arts10566, a program designed to provide access to the arts for the youth of Peekskill, NY.  Wilfredo also shares how he got started as an artist and advocate for underprivileged […]

Betsy Wurzel’s interview is with Ashley Rhodes-Courter a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Keynote Speaker, New York Times Best Seller. “Sam is my Sister” is Ashley’s debut children’s picture book about her 3 children.  One of the children is Transgender. Ashley discusses why she wrote the book and how her family embraced Sam!  Ashley gives wonderful resources in this interview to help families.  Please visit Ashley’s website for more information.  So have your pen and paper […]

Linda Barnard talks with us about her journey to becoming an End-of-Life doula. She started her business Heading Home OC after noticing a need for helpers that specialized in death preparation. Not all the people that death doulas help are terminally ill; some want help to prepare for their death to relieve stress for their survivors.  Join us for our talk with this truly inspirational person. To listen to this interview with Dr. Marianne Matzo […]

“From Shadows to Life is the story of a social movement that continues to improve life for millions.” Today’s interview is with  Judith L. Pearson who is a best-selling author, award-winning author, and a much-requested speaker and presenter.  Judy is a triple-negative breast cancer survivor! In today’s interview, Judy talks about her book, From Shadows to Life.  A Biography of the  Cancer Survivorship Movement. Judy discusses why she wrote the book and how the Cancer  […]

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