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WHO Is Passionate World Talk Radio?

  • “A pioneer in the world of Internet media, Lillian has created a unique online radio station, Passionate World Talk Radio, that not only reflects her diverse professional background, but provides a strong and sustainable platform for her various hosts. In a highly competitive, ever-changing arena where reach is everything, she has forged partnerships with business and universities that broadcast her programs, thus providing PWTR with an impressive cumulative audience of more than 1 million listeners a year. For me, and countless other broadcast professionals, she continues to be a good friend and an amazing mentor. ” Ed Robertson, TVConfidentail, Talk Radio & Podcast Host

    Help individuals, businesses, and entry level talk hosts master their interviewing, speaking, and presentation skills.

    Passionate World Talk Radio didn’t begin until December, 2005, but I received allot of business practice before then.

    After a rough entry into adulthood, I took my son and left my spouse. We moved out of state. Little did I know that I committed a felony? At the trial, I was charged with Federal Kidnapping (leaving one state and going into another one without obtaining permission from the other parent).

    My attorney proved that I did have my husband’s permission to take our child for several weeks. He proceeded to define several weeks as meaning months or even years. What did I learn from this? There were allot of mothers and fathers and grandparents who didn’t know about this law and needed to. That anything worth doing was worth doing right.

    My next experience showed me that many divorcees didn’t have the ability to support their families. They didn’t have the training, college education, or experience to get good paying jobs. They became caught in an economic, social, and cultural level in which they couldn’t succeed. I know because that’s what happened to me in Houston, TX where I lived for the next 15 years.

    Life skills. Business skills. Life stories. None of these topics were addressed by the media that would really help people. When I decided to start Passionate World Radio Network, I came up with three main principles that the station would live by:

    1. Provide a conduit for lesser known and unknown individuals to be heard in this noisy technological world;
    2. Provide quality information and content that the individual could use immediately in their personal, business, and spiritual life;
    3. Provide topics of necessity to the audience so they can have this information on hand for when they need it. The undiscussed topics no one wants to talk about, but must be addressed.

    Our motto: Educate! Enlighten! Entertain!
    No Matter what size or what age you are, your voice will be heard on Passionate World Talk Radio!

    I learned that individuals all have stories that need telling and retelling. Whether it’s tribal history, a personal history, or a chance for an interview about a book, music, or painting. I’ve found that the God, Atlas, doesn’t hold up the world on his shoulders. It’s all the unknowns who hold up the world for the rest of the world. These unknowns are just as important as the ones who make up the 1% of money makers.

    We have our successes.

    One host was approached by a major broadcast media company and asked to sign a contract with them and become a host on their radio station.

    One host, Rowena Cherry, received an EPPY.

    One host, Millie Bess, The Veteran’s Advocate, had 4 laws passed in Illinois to help the veterans in medical and housing.

    One host, Jeanne White, received an award from the Governor of MA for helping advocate the plight of nurses in the emergency room.

    One of our interns, Dan Riley, went job hunting and was hired by a public radio station in Detroit, MI as part of their Production Department. What was special about this particular intern was he has Asperger’s. He has since quit his job.

    One host, Karen Tate, went on to become a leader in the World’s Spiritualist Movement.

    One host, Prof. James Reitveld, Adjunct Professor at Fullerton College, Fullerton, CA, taught his classes via the station.

    One host, Lillian S. Cauldwell, received over 16,000 retweets for one program.

Who Is Passionate World Talk Radio?

PASSIONATE WORLD TALK RADIO offers networking opportunities, problem-solving, and unsettling and/or fascinating individual stories.


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